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Creative Movement

A dance class that lets your 3 and 4 year old explore the wonderful world of dance through their imagination and music. They will combine elements of movement, experimentation, coordination, ballet concepts, physical fitness and early rhythm skills.  


Combination Classes 

We offer a variety of combinations of dance for your 5 to 7 year olds.  Our ballet/tap, tap/jazz or ballet/jazz classes introduce your child to both forms of dance in a fun environment.  A half hour will be dedicated to each form of dance.


Bee Bop Hip Hop

This class provides an age appropriate experience of today’s most popular form of dance, trends, and music video moves.  Geared for ages 5 to 7.



Our tap classes are for ages 8 and up. Tap is the most interactive form of dance.  Your child will learn musicality while creating rhythms and music with their feet. Tap helps improve agility, timing and coordination.



Your child will learn jazz technique, terminology and movement quality. Jazz is excellent for developing body control, flexibility and strength while emphasizing individual style and expression. Ages 8 and up.



Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Ballet is taught in a nuturing and correct manner. Each level of ballet designates a level of attainment and a physical and intellectual grasp of the material being taught.



This class will be taken at teacher’s discretion. Training in Pointe begins only after a strong comprehensive understanding of ballet technique has been developed and the feet, back and legs are structurally strong. Student must also be enrolled in another upper level ballet class.



While blending together ballet and jazz, Lyrical gives the student the opportunity to increase technique and self expression. Student must also be enrolled in a ballet class. Ages 8 and up. 



Modern dance is a dance style that centers on a dancer's own interpretations, and movements derived from the expression of their inner feelings,  instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing. 


Hip Hop 

This class provides an age appropriate experience of today’s most popular form of dance, trends, and music video moves. Classes available in beginner and intermediate/advanced levels. Ages 8 and up.


Musical Theatre

Train as a triple threat, a performer who can sing, dance and act. Musical Theatre tells a story that is communicated through words, music, and movement as an integrated whole. Student must also be enrolled in either a tap, jazz or ballet class. Ages 8 and up.



Explore the wonders of acting, voice, movement and character development through theater games, exercises and scene work. The student will also learn behind the scenes skills such as stage make-up, basic stage combat, set and prop construction, lighting and sound.



Basic tumbling skills such as forward and back somersaults, cartwheels, both one and two handed, front and back walkovers and handstands. Those students with more experience may be taught aerials, flips, hand-springs, and more.


Music Lessons - Voice, Piano, Guitar and Violin

Private lessons.  Ages 5 and up or at teacher's discretion. All skill levels

Tuition Rates


































Tuition is based upon the hours of classes taken per week.  Tuition pays for an entire season, September through June.  Tuition is paid regardless of attendance.  Tuition is non-refundable.  
Tuition is a family rate.  For example, if you have 3 children and they each take one class, that is a total of 3 hours per week.


There are three options for tuition payment:


Full season payment – one payment due at time of registration.  A ten percent (10%) discount will be given if this is the choice of payment.


Half-season payment – two payments, first due at time of registration, second due February 1st.  A five percent (5%) discount will be given if this is the choice of payment.


Ten month payment plan – due the first of every month.  First month due at time of registration.  The 10 month payment plan is a yearly tuition fee, not a per month fee, divided into ten equal monthly payments.


We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card or Discover. 


Tuition is non-refundable.

Class Hours

Per Week















































































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Registration Fee

Registration fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable.


     $50.00 for new family 
     $25.00 for returning family 
     $25.00 for for new summer family - no fee for TRCDS students


Withdrawal and Late Fees 


Withdrawal is not acknowledged until the studio has received 30 days written notice of said withdrawal.  Tuition will continue to be billed until written notice is received by Studio.  Tuition is non-refundable.


Your payment is considered late by the fifth of each month, at which time a late fee of $20.00 will be billed to your account.

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