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Lars-Eric Rouville Brown

Lars-Eric Rouville Brown II’s dance career began in 2001 at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation event. Lars was cast as a back-up dancer and later helped with the choreography. He knew then that dance would be a vital part of his life from that point forward. He danced for the M-Squad, performed at Pro Dance, taught at the Hard Rock Academy, participated in MTV's Wade Robson Project, and danced on Nick Live on the Nickelodeon network. Such a journey has exposed him to many styles of dance and he has become proficient at breakdancing, popping, locking, house, whacking, funk, and tumbling. His passion for dance reaches far deeper than the image it portrays or the funky sounds that it makes. He believe there is no better way to define one's self than to let music be the conductor and follow its mood its candor into a place each of us can let go and truly be individuals. That is why he teaches and always tries to inspire our youth to pursue whatever gives them purpose. Dance is purpose. Dance is a lifestyle that gives you total control, increases physical, mental, and emotional growth. I’d like to share that with all who are willing to learn. In all, teaching ensures that someone will find complete happiness in saying "Im a dancer."

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